Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Apartments for College Students

A friend of mine is heading off to college soon and he will have to take care of alot of expenses by himself. He plans on getting a part time job but I doubt that the job would be able to pay for everything. Not only would he have to pay for tuition and books, but he would have to pay for living expenses like rent and food. I told him that he could minimize his expenses by finding a really cheap place to live. I was sure he would be able to qualify for apartments for college students. These types of apartments are for people that are poor and making little income because the rent is lower than normal. In order for him to live in these types of apartments he would have to meet certain requirements which are set by the government. It would be really good if he was able to get into these types of apartments because he would be saving so much money on the rent and allowing him to pay for other college expenses.

He asked the college student advisors for some suggestions as to where he could find an apartment. They gave him a list of places that he could go to. He wanted to find a place that was close to school so that he would not have to get a car. Luckily for him, one of the apartments on the list was close to school and was within his budget. So he went to the complex and signed the lease. Hopefully, he will like his new place.